Lunch Menu 

As the summer heats up and the desire for heavy food sizzles away, head to Jusu Brothers for fresh, made-to-order healthy fare. From heavenly green juices to salads, seafood and more, Jusu offers a balanced diet of Japanese-inspired taste sensations. Whether you’re dining in or out, each dish is prepared on the spot to ensure maximum freshness and quality of ingredients. After your morning run through the park, why not relax with a protein shake or try a twist on avocado toast, using walnut bread as a gluten-free option? It’s easy to start your day on the right note at Jusu!

Highlights of the Lunch Menu include the Vegan and Gluten-free Red Bowl, made with Acaï, blueberries, avocado, banana and almond butter and topped with a delicious sprinkling of chia and pumpkin seeds, homemade granola, bee pollen and more. If you’re more in the mood for a savory lunch, we’d recommend the Salmon Poke Bowl of raw salmon, avocado, tofu, edamame, carrot, and spring onion on a bed of quinoa followed by a main of the Kale Salad or Okonomiyaki, our famous egg and cabbage cakes. For those with the afternoon off, try a glass of sake or mix it up with a Yokohama Sunset Martini, made with vodka, fresh passion fruit, apple, lime juice and a squeeze of agave syrup. If you do have to rush back to meetings, our specialty coffees and teas like Matcha Latte, Golden Milk, and Detox Green Tea are a great way to boost your energy.

Evening Menu

In time for warm summer nights, Jusu Brothers is thrilled to offer a special evening menu with creative new combinations of delicious and healthy dishes to keep you satisfied day and night! From Wednesday through Friday until 11pm (kitchen closes at 10:30pm), enjoy healthy made-to-order fare with ingredients sourced and prepared same-day to ensure maximum freshness. Additionally, you will find a unique "dish of the day" and "dish of the evening" designed to highlight seasonal produce and the creativity of our head chef. After a long hard day at work, relax into our zen cocoon with friends, a cold glass of sake and all the new choices of our Evening menu!

A great way to start your night is with our rich Scallops Ceviche with fresh scallops and tangy seasoning or our classic Salmon or Tuna Poke, beloved as much for its taste as its beauty. Moving onto the Mains, we'd recommend a scrumptious Black Cod or Chicken Teriyaki, both of which pair nicely with a side of veggies by way of the Vegan Bento Salad. Our hearty ramen is another great choice with a recipe that changes weekly to keep things interesting! Finally, our new sushi combinations offer a variety of ways to share with friends as you enjoy delicate Tuna and Salmon as well as Vegan choices of Mango, Jackfruit and Smoked Avocado Nigiri. For the perfect evening, we'd also suggest indulging in one of our creative cocktails, from the Sparkling Sunrise with carrot, orange, lemon and sparkling sake to the Jusu Mojito with rum, fresh cucumber, fresh mint and aloe water.